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Judd Graham / 220 Designs

Judd Graham has long been forging his way forward in the art of modern blacksmithing. Starting at a young age, his artistic abilities have been self-evident which led to his path through fine art and blacksmitihing school . 220 designs was born in 1996 as the culmination of Judd’s raw talent, artistic integrity and the sheer delight he gains from collaborating with and ultimately pleasing his clientele. He has extensive knowledge working with a range of materials including ferrous / non-ferrous metals, acrylic, wood, glass, concrete and stone.

Judd is a proud member of the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America. He has been recognized for his outstanding talents by the City of Austin for his work on the 2nd Street expansion project involving the design and fabrication of artistic bollards and a freestanding kinetic sculpture to be placed  in tandem with the new central library. His work will be showcased with 6 other internationally know artist as part of the Austin Art in Public Places design.

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